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This class exposes the child and parent to water orientation focusing on achieving a high level of comfort in and around water. The parent will be instructed in basic skills that will aid the child’s learning of elementary swimming skills. Class is open to children between the ages of 6 months to 3 years old. Parent/adult required in the water. Class length is 30 minutes.
Beginner Level 1
This class is for participants who have little or no swimming experience and are not yet comfortable with the water. This class covers basic pool safety. Skills introduced will include water adjustment, submerge mouth, nose and eyes, supported front and back floats, flutter kick and forward arm action.
Beginner Level 2
This class is for participants who have little or no swimming experience, however, are comfortable submerging in water. Skill emphasis will include front crawl, roll over front to back and back to front and introduction to back stroke kick and arm action.
Intermediate Level 1
Participant must possess skills from the previous level. Skill emphasis will include freestyle swimming with side breathing combined with arm and leg motion. Introduction to back and breast stroke, kick and arm action.
Intermediate Level 2
Participant should already be able to swim freestyle with side breathing and back float without support. Skill emphasis will include backstroke. Participant will work on endurance with freestyle and master freestyle side breathing. Introduction to breast stoke, kick and arm action.
Intermediate Level 3
Participant must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke efficiently for 2 lengths of the pool (30 yards). Skill emphasis will include breast stroke and refinement of previous learned strokes and increase distance. In addition, participant will be introduced to butterfly kick and arm action.
Advanced Level 1
Participants must be able to complete a minimum of four laps of freestyle and backstroke and two laps of breast and sidestrokes correctly. Skills emphasis will included the butterfly stroke and turning at the wall. Participants will continue with coordination, refinement and endurance of all strokes.
Advanced Level 2 – Stroke Refinement
Participants will work on refining the form of their stroke, along with improving their stamina. The participants will focus on a different stroke each lesson until they become proficient in all strokes.
Advanced Level 3 – Team Prep
Participants will work on refining the form of their stroke and timed laps along with improving their stamina. Class prepares students for the skills required for trying out for a swim team.
Private swim lessons are available for students of all ages, with or without special needs. With one instructor and one student, the learning process will be accelerated. The student will receive personalized attention at an optimal level. Prices vary based on the instructors’ years of experience, water safety instruction and specialized certifications they possess.
Level I Instructor
Instructors have 2+ years of teaching experience and are trained in basic Water Safety Instruction (WSI).
Level II Instructors
Instructors have 5+ years of teaching experience, are certified in Water Safety Instruction (WSI) and possess other specialized certifications.
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